Roof Weight: What’s Weighing You Down?

November 24, 2017

roof weight Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Here’s an article addressing something of considerable substance: the weight of your home’s roof. How much do different roofing materials weigh? How does roof weight affect your home’s energy efficiency, value, and other things? Read on as we address those questions and more. Your Current Roof It’s important to understand your current roof system. Things… ( read more )

We Begin Every Roofing Project with an Attic Inspection

October 31, 2017

attic inspection Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Your home may have built in a specific manner that does not require attic ventilation. If so, your home is the exception to the need for proper a proper ventilation system, in and through the attic or below the roof. Good ventilation is important for any home for many reasons, including: Internal air quality and… ( read more )

Buying a New Roof: 4 More Things to Consider

October 13, 2017

Buying a New Roof Part 4 - Classic Metal Roofing Systems of KY

When buying a new roof, the things to consider are numerous. We’ve been compiling a list of purchasing criteria that we hope you will find helpful. Here are 4 more important things to consider before you sign a contract.  1. Applicability for Your Home For homes that have unique design elements, one of your criteria… ( read more )

When Buying a New Roof, Take the Long View

September 29, 2017

Buying A New Roof Part 3 - Classic Metal Roofing Systems KY

Buying a new roof can be a financial journey.  Taking the long view when making your purchasing decision protects your investment in your home, as well as offering protection for all your home contains. Let’s take a look at three things which could be on the horizon: On the Horizon: Home Value Most homeowners care… ( read more )

Buying a New Roof: 4 Things to Consider Before You Purchase

September 8, 2017

Buying A New Roof - Classic Metal Roofing Systems of KY

There is much to consider when buying a new roof for your home. You will want to protect all that your home contains, and protect your investment. Here are 4 important things to consider when making your roofing purchase decision. It may seem a disparate list…but it all comes together under the right roof. Energy… ( read more )

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