6 Key Components of a Quality Metal Roof

July 27, 2018

If you’re shopping for a metal roof, we have put together a list of six things to look for in any potential metal roofing product. Not all metal roofs offer these features, but we think you will agree that all six are very important. 1. Quality and tested finishes Available in many colors and even… ( read more )

Weathering the Storms with a Resilient Home

July 19, 2018

Resilient Home - Classic Metal Roofing Systems of KY

Why create a resilient home? When you return to your home from the work and an often frantic pace of activity, you want it to be a place of rest, relaxation, and a haven of safety. Home can be a place where you can forget about worries and hurriedness and just enjoy living. A place to… ( read more )

Temperature Extremes Affect Your Home. Your Roof Can Help.

June 27, 2018


Typical construction methods attempt to deal with temperature extremes, both hot and cold, through insulation. The desire is to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the home as economically as possible. While insulation provides thermal mass to prevent heat migration in or out of your home, building science is showing us other, sometimes better, ways to do… ( read more )

Water Damage: Protecting Your Home from Rain and Floods

June 16, 2018

When it comes to protecting your home from water damage, there are two primary concerns – rain intrusion and flooding. Here in Kentucky, we get a fair amount of both. The Right Roof Eliminates Water Damage Keeping water out during rain depends heavily on a secure and well-maintained roof system. That maintenance, on longer-term roofs,… ( read more )

Wind Resistant Roofing: Interlocking Metal Roofing Panels

May 30, 2018

wind resistant roofing from Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Strong winds are prevalent everywhere, but here in Kentucky we also receive those strong winds as the residual of hurricanes and other storms. In the past year, we’ve seen winds up to 85 mph! So, how do you protect your home from the damages that high winds cause?  Wind resistant roofing in the form of our interlocking metal… ( read more )

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