Prevent Damage to Your Home This Winter

December 28, 2020 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Metal Roofing,Research,Roofing Issues,Storm Protection,Ventilation

Winter written in snow on windsheild

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, take care of your roof. It takes a lot of beating from nasty weather, and snowfall can put a lot of weight on it. The amount of rain, snow, and sleet we get in the winter can be tough on your roof and gutters. Get Ready for Cold Temperatures […]


Metal Roofing: Where do you go for answers?

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When you need to learn about a new subject, where do you turn? Do you visit the library, ask your friends, or Google? Many people turn to Google first with their questions. While Googling is great for getting a quick answer, sometimes you need a local authority on the matter. Combining our strength in manufacturing […]


26 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Kentucky Winter

October 20, 2018 | Filed under: Energy Efficiency,Resiliency,Storm Protection

Prepare Your Home for Winter CMRS of KY

Winter is coming, whether we want it to or not! Hopefully, we have a few more weeks for outside activities but, rest assured, cold and even snow are on their way to Kentucky. As part of those outside activities, there may even be a few things we can do to prepare our homes for winter….


Preparing for Winter by Preventing Ice Dams

September 30, 2018 | Filed under: Research,Roofing Issues,Storm Protection

Ice Dams Classic Metal Roofing of KY

Here in Kentucky, homeowners are concerned these days about high winds, and even freezing temperatures, pushed into the region by tropical storms and mounting winter blasts. We’ve addressed the extreme winds that can occur, even here, earlier this month. Now, let’s take a look at Ice Dams. Ice dams generally result from one of two…


Preparing for High Winds That Can Threaten Your Kentucky Home

September 17, 2018 | Filed under: Resiliency,Storm Protection,Sustainability

high winds CMRS KY Metal Roofing

No, we don’t have many palm trees in Louisville. But, here in Kentucky, homeowners are concerned these days about high winds, pushed into the region by tropical storms that usually carry on through November of each year. Preparing for High Winds It seems increasingly likely that this will be a more violent hurricane season than…


Weathering the Storms with a Resilient Home

July 19, 2018 | Filed under: Resiliency,Storm Protection

Resilient Home - Classic Metal Roofing Systems of KY

Why create a resilient home? When you return to your home from the work and an often frantic pace of activity, you want it to be a place of rest, relaxation, and a haven of safety. Home can be a place where you can forget about worries and hurriedness and just enjoy living. A place to…