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Learn About Winter Roof Installation in Kentuckiana

November 10, 2018

winter roof installation CMRS of KY

Winter roof installation for your Kentuckiana home? Yes, it’s possible and even desirable…but only with the right roof. Often, we think that only time you can replace a roof is in the spring or summer. Not true. Many, many needs for roof replacement arise in the winter months due to: colder temperatures and brittle roofing materials… ( read more )

Preparing for Winter by Preventing Ice Dams

September 30, 2018

Ice Dams Classic Metal Roofing of KY

Here in Kentucky, homeowners are concerned these days about high winds, and even freezing temperatures, pushed into the region by tropical storms and mounting winter blasts. We’ve addressed the extreme winds that can occur, even here, earlier this month. Now, let’s take a look at Ice Dams. Ice dams generally result from one of two… ( read more )

Temperature Extremes Affect Your Home. Your Roof Can Help.

June 27, 2018


Typical construction methods attempt to deal with temperature extremes, both hot and cold, through insulation. The desire is to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the home as economically as possible. While insulation provides thermal mass to prevent heat migration in or out of your home, building science is showing us other, sometimes better, ways to do… ( read more )

Cold Weather Roofing Projects for Your Kentucky Home

December 21, 2017

Cold Weather Roofing Classic Metal Roofing Systems of KY

Even in the mild climate of Kentucky, cold weather can stop a new roofing project in its proverbial tracks. We get our share of cold weather in the winter months; ice and freezing can make roads and roofs slippery places.  One of the main challenges to roofing in cold weather is accessibility. Sometimes it just… ( read more )

Is your roof a “Clunker?” (Asphalt shingles are NOT at all “green!”)

December 6, 2016

Garbage Pile of Shingles This fall I was working with our crew on an asphalt shingle tear-off, which is something we very seldom have to do. In fact in 10 years now, my best recollection is that we’ve torn off THREE asphalt shingle roofs. We usually install right over them. At the time of this… ( read more )

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