The Steps of Manufacturing A Classic Roof

The beauty and environmental-friendliness of a Classic Metal Roofing System is the result of our highly specialized and proprietary manufacturing process.

The deep lines and authentic grooves of a Classic metal shingle roof are created when specially-coated aluminum coil goes through a series of dies in a large-bed, high-tonnage stamping press similar to what was used to make the body of the vehicle you drive. Our manufacturing process is both precise and unique. Many of our customers like to know how it works so, in addition to the factory tour video, here is the story of how we manufacture your Classic Roof.

Our Aluminum

Used aluminum including beverage cans and other items is collected for recycling and taken to an aluminum mill where it is cleaned, melted down, and formed into giant slabs of metal. It is next rolled into coils of aluminum to meet our specific thickness and width requirements. The mill engineers each slab and coil of metal to meet our standards. Each coil is given a code number that designates when and how it was made.

Our Coatings

The coils of aluminum then travel to a coil coater where our advanced Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 coating system is applied. The bare metal is placed on a continuous coating line where it is cleaned and specially treated to accept paint before the multi-coat system is applied and baked on. At the end of each paint run, the color and quality of the coating are tested to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Our Quality Assurance

Once the coated aluminum arrives at our Ohio or Texas manufacturing facility, we test it again for quality, color, and strength. No coil is released to our manufacturing floor until it has passed redundant quality checks by one of our Quality Assurance Engineers. We know that the conditions on your roof can be brutal. The metal used on it must meet our exact and industry-leading standards. The standards we have set are determined by ASTM procedures, the Metal Construction Association (MCA), the National Coil Coating Association, and our engineering team. We are one of just four companies producing products that meet the Certified Metal Roofing Panel program administered by MCA.

Our Manufacturing Process

Once a coil of aluminum has been released for production, it is sent through one of our large-bed, high-tonnage stamping presses. Each press contains a series of dies which gives the metal its defining shape and character. As the shingle progresses through each die (from five to eight depending upon the product), the look of the shingle is created with increasing degrees of complexity. The tooling and processes we use are among the most complex in the metal forming industry. Our operators control the 350 to 1500 ton presses with care to ensure the authentic look and feel of our roofing system. Each shingle is immediately inspected for the quality of the locking system as well as for color, appearance, and integrity. Once they pass inspection, the shingles are carefully packaged to ensure safe transit so they can be installed on your roof for a lifetime of beauty and protection!

Our Post-Process

All of our machine scrap is meticulously collected, bundled, and sold back to an aluminum mill so it can be re-made into new coils of metal to be painted, tested, and manufactured into aluminum roofing, continuing the recycling loop.