Here you will find an assortment of excellent resources for helping you put together all the facts, solve your unique project problems, meet your design requirements, and ensure a complete roofing system that protects your home and all it contains, for a lifetime.

Tools & Helpers

Roofing Needs Profiler

Before you have a roofing contractor come to your home, use this tool to help identify what grade of roofing and what types of materials could be best for your unique home and situation.

Use The Roofing Needs Profiler

This popular question and answer resource is a great place to get personalized answers to your specific questions. Go ahead, ask away.


The Homeowners Guide To Roofing

This is the definitive, downloadable guide to roofing, roofing materials, and roofing installation for homeowners. Keep it handy as you do your due diligence in buying a new roof.

Download the Homeowners Guide To Roofing

Metal Roofing Visualizer

Can’t picture it? Want to know exactly what that color or style will look like on your home? Use this tool and your smartphone to create a realistic picture of your home with a new metal roof, and try out some alternative colors. No graphic arts degree required. But if you need help, just ask.

Use the Metal Roofing Visualizer