Joe's Stories

Something Special

June 15, 2011

We’re coming up on our five-year anniversary in Louisville so I hope you’ll allow me a few paragraphs to reflect on this milestone. Recently our president and C.F.O. came for a visit to see our operation first-hand. As they were getting ready to leave, one of them said to the other, “We really have something… ( read more )

A Typical Classic Metal Roofing Appointment

November 2, 2009

A lot of people wonder what to expect out of an appointment to look at a metal roof for their home. Well, I can’t tell you what anyone else does, but here’s what an appointment with me typically goes like: First I would like to sit down with you and talk about your home and… ( read more )

Hear our latest radio commercial

January 17, 2008

We’re running this radio spot on 970 WGTK in Louisville. This is just me, speaking from the heart, about issues that I hear from my customers every day. We just finished up a home show here in Louisville and once again the most common comment I heard was “Wow, I didn’t know metal roofing could… ( read more )

A Little History

December 4, 2007

Classic Metal Roofing Systems (aka Classic Products, Inc.) is a Piqua, Ohio-based manufacturer of residential metal roofing systems. Since 1980, Classic has been manufacturing systems of interlocking metal shakes and shingles for residential and light commercial use. Some of our products date back to 1959, even! Throughout the U.S. (and to some extent, the world)… ( read more )

The Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Kentuckiana Blog!

November 29, 2007

Hello, and thanks for visiting. I’m Joe Knife, Manager of Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Kentuckiana. The purpose of this Blog is to give you a glimpse into the goings-on here at Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Kentuckiana, a Louisville, Kentucky retail office of Classic Metal Roofing Systems. We specialize in residential metal roofing, with… ( read more )