Universal Standing Seam Roofing for Protection, Price, and Value

With 16” wide panels and 1.5” tall interlocking vertical seams, Universal Standing Seam performs well on small and large structures. Even on lower pitch roofs, water tightness can be a reality. A built-in fastening hem, with concealed fastening and appropriate, slotted fastening holes allow for the metal’s expansion and contraction in our variable Kentuckiana climate. This unique fastening system allows for easy and fast installation and looks great.

Custom lengths of Universal panels can be produced at our factory for your application. Standard lengths can be cut on the job site, or be joined horizontally. Our proximity to the manufacturing plant makes this product very appealing for use on smaller or accent projects such as porches and bump-outs. And of course, the color selection is extensive.

Universal’s baked-on PVDF coatings have been designed for superior performance in our climate. With our fade and chalk resistance warranty, and warranted installation, Universal Standing Seam will be a long-term, reliable roof for your home.

Performance. Value. Price. Universal Standing Seam delivers all three.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Classic Metal Roof Systems offers the industry’s most comprehensive lifetime limited warranty available. Our warranty guarantees your roof will not leak for any reason (be it materials or workmanship), nor will it chip, peel, flake, blister, burn, rust, split, or crack with age.

Additionally, our paint systems carry a non-pro-rated 30-Year limited warranty ensuring your roof’s finish will resist fade and chalk. And if you sell your home the warranty transfers to all future owners, extending 40 years from the date of installation. If your roof does experience a warranted failure, we will not only cover the cost of materials but workmanship to repair or replace your roof.

We provide a warranty on this level and coverage because our products and technology are proven. In over 30 years of roofing thousands of homes across the world, we have had fewer than ten warranted claims. We are proud of that track record and are committed to set new standards of excellence for years to come.

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