March 28, 2023 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Research

When it comes to remodeling the exterior of your home, your choices have lasting consequences. While you can easily repaint a bedroom or kitchen cabinets, the color and design of siding, roofing, paint, brick, or stone drastically and often permanently change the character of a house. 

Wouldn’t it be great to preview your decision?

At Classic Metal Roofing of Kentucky, we want every homeowner to have their dream roof, so we’ve developed a tool to visualize all our styles and the dozens of colors we offer. Our completely free roofing visualizer takes the weight off your roofing design decision, putting the control in your hands. 

When you choose a Classic Metal Roof, you get a lifetime roof, one warrantied to stand up to wind, hail, and the sun for decades. We want you to have the roof of your dreams in the perfect color and style.

To use our roofing visualizer, visit classicmetalroofing.com, open the Product Info Tab, and pick the second option, Visualize a Metal Roof on Your House. Next, upload a photo of your home to start comparing styles within minutes, or choose a sample photo from our gallery. 

If you want to start immediately, pick your favorite sample photo (or the one most like your home) and jump right in. If you’d rather add your home, we recommend a high-quality, straight-on image with no blurriness and a maximum 16 MB file size.

Either way, click the add roofing button and choose the product profile you want to see. Take your time, look at the options, and then pick a color once you find your preferred profile. 

Once you have a color in mind, hit the arrow on the bottom left to get a bigger view, and use the zoom controls on the right side to check out details up close or get a wider perspective.

If you aren’t satisfied with your choices or want an expert to look at your home, email your photo to info@classicroof.com along with the styles and colors you’d like for a professional rendering.
Once you find your dream roof, call our customer service team. We’ll be happy to make it a reality.