trees in the wind

Many of our customers are a little bit older, usually at or near retirement age, and their goal is to get their home to a state of being maintenance-free so they can just enjoy it.

So, it caught my attention that the youngest couple we ever worked for live in Stamping Ground, and when I first met them their house was only 6 years old. Of course, that’s new for a roof to be failing. They explained to me that they had built their home on a piece of the family farm, situated on a ridge and that they were never going to leave it. They said that the wind there was constant. Even though the roof was only 6 years old, some asphalt shingles had already been lost to the wind.

Now, this is something I hear about a lot. People say, “It’s SO windy here, all the time.” I hear it so often that you would think that all of Kentucky is in a wind tunnel. But in this case, our foreman confirmed it when the new Classic Roof was finally being installed. The first few days he was working out there, he said, “Hey, these people weren’t kidding—it’s windy here all the time.”

Because our metal shingles fully interlock on all four sides, and we fasten with hidden fasteners (which in our case are 1-3/4” stainless steel ring-shank nails), the roof stands up to very high winds. It’s why we can offer a 120 mile-per-hour wind warranty, and why our products are so popular in coastal and hurricane-prone areas. And in Kentucky.

But the other interesting thing is, that this was a young couple, they took a couple of years to save up and plan for their Classic Metal Roof. We stayed in touch, and they were able to visit one of our jobs in progress, to see a roof going on, and of course, to see several of our completed roofs and talk to our customers. They checked us out very thoroughly, as anyone should, and we appreciated that.

More than anything, this story brings home to me how ideal our roofs are for people who intend to stay in their homes for the rest of their lives no matter what stage of life they are in or approaching.