Hail on grass

“What will hail do to that?” is one of the most common questions we get about our metal shingle. There are several different ways to answer that question so I will touch on each.

What will hail do to the warranty?

Our warranty states that hail won’t ever cause a leak nor harm the finish, no matter the size of the hail. That’s pretty strong coverage when you realize how much of our product is installed in states like Texas and Oklahoma, where baseball-sized and even bigger hail is a yearly occurrence. Living all my life in Ohio and Kentucky I’ve never personally seen hail bigger than a nickel…but we know it does happen in these parts as well.

Are these roofs tested for hail?

All of our products have a Class IV hail rating from Underwriters Labs – Test 2218.  UL 2218  is a test devised for insurance companies to create ratings of how different roofing material perform in a hail storm.  A Class IV Rating is the highest. The test consists of a 2-inch steel ball, dropped from 20 feet, testing for system failures and leaks.

Uh oh. Dents.

So that leaves the question, what about dents? This question brings me to my favorite set of results, which is comprised of the real-world experience our roofs and customers.

The most memorable for me was when the big hail hit Mt. Washington a few years ago. I remember it well because I was working the  Louisville home show at the time, down at the fairgrounds, and folks were coming in all day talking about this huge hailstorm in Bardstown. So I stepped away from the booth and called our customer there.

He said yes, there had been a big hailstorm, but everything looked fine to him and he was not worried about it. That was a relief, of course. Well then, a couple of days later he called me back and said: “Joe, you’d better bring me some more brochures to hand out because so many people are stopping by to see how this roof stood up to the hail!” And of course, that was great to hear, too.

It turns out they had about golfball-sized hail there, and when I checked it out it was just as I expected: from the ground I could see nothing at all. The roof looked just like the day we had put it on. I could see some pings in the metal surrounding their garage door, so I know the hail had hit there. When I got up on a ladder, face-to-face with the roof, I could pick out and find spots where the hail had slightly dented the metal. But again it was completely invisible from the ground, and there was no harm to the finish. So, essentially there was no harm worth mentioning at all.

Since then I’ve seen this same result on two homes down in Owensboro that went through the same thing—about golfball size hail—early last year. Of course, we are all very happy with these results, and the Classic Metal Roofs were standing up to this above-average hail the exactly the way they should.

Technically, if an insurance agent got up on any of these roofs, they might decide to pay out a claim on them, but there’s really no reason to replace the roof. No dents are visible from the ground, and nothing is going to cause future degradation like it would with asphalt shingles. Once their granular coating gets knocked off, the spot will continue to weaken and eventually leak. That just won’t happen with metal.

A happy ending to any hail story.