You know we sell roofs to all different kinds of homeowners all with different reasons for why they choose our products. Me personally, I lean towards the technical benefits side of things. I like to show the design elements and the test results that show how our roof can perform the way it does, but sometimes people are just all about the looks.

Sometimes I’ll have an appointment with a person like that, and I’ll leave there feeling like “Oh, they weren’t interested, they didn’t care about much of what I had to say” but then they’ll call back and say, “We’re ready, let’s go ahead.” And the reason for that is, for them, it was all about the looks, and the technical benefits didn’t matter too much to them.

And then, on the other hand, we sell to a lot of engineering and tool-and-die types who are VERY technical, and they will ask me questions like “what is your alloy?”,”what about tensile strength and expansion coefficients?” Things that can, frankly, even get above my head. And these guys are the ones who will get out a lawn chair and watch the crew, and we’re fine with that.

And from guys like this, more than one of them, I’ve heard the same comment almost word-for-word after the job was over: “I watched these guys work, and I understand now why this roof costs what it does.” I love hearing that because what it says to me is, that they see the value of what they paid for their roof.

One customer put it a little more eloquent than the rest, saying “You’ve proven the value of the premium price.” And what would you rather hear than that, right?

So I hope, as you’re checking us out, that you’ll talk to our customers. I think our track record is a big part of the value we’re offering, and you’ll hear that from them. I think, if you called several, you’d hear the same thing over and over: “It was a little more than we expected when started thinking about re-roofing, but we’re SO glad we did it because…”

Whether it was the looks, or just not having to worry about the roof letting them down again, or how the crew treated their property, everybody has their reasons why a Classic Metal Roof System was the best answer for them.