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When summer arrives, so do unpredictable weather patterns for Kentuckiana. And though you can’t control what’s going to threaten the comfort of your home from the summer skies, there are things you can do to strengthen the most significant area of protection: your roof.

As your home’s largest exterior surface area, your roof is continually under threats of attack from water, wind, and heat.

Let’s look at these 3 threats to your indoor climate and how they can be minimized with the right metal roofing system:

1. Water

We often think only of rain when it comes to water damage on our roofs, but that’s not the only culprit. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can weaken connections that will fail dismally and become increasingly menacing. 

The sun’s energy causes screws and nails to expand and contract and plastic or rubber washers to deteriorate. All that works to take a tight nail hole and give it just a little wiggle room. That’s all the water needs to find its way inside. 

Once inside, you may hear a drip or notice a ceiling stain…but the damage to your attic and insulation has already occurred by then.  Your home’s ventilation and indoor air quality may have been compromised. 

Interlocking panels and concealed fasteners keep water out. With proper underlayment and ventilation, our quality installation creates an effective barrier to water entering your home.

How does a Classic metal roofing system combat the threat of water?

A proper gutter system ensures the water that runs off your roof is managed to protect the landscaping surrounding your home and efficiently carry the water away.

2. Wind

Powerful winds can accompany summer storms, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and increasing tornados, influencing our local climate. Flying debris from other roofs can cause even more damage. Even one wind-torn section of shingles can wreak havoc on the protection of the inside of your home. 

How does our metal roofing combat the threat of wind?

Again, our interlocking panels and secured fasteners keep your roof tight. They have been proven to withstand hurricane-strength winds; even as it ages, the durability of a Classic metal roof retains its strength to deal with debris and high winds. And when wind brings a spark from the roof or chimney next door to your rooftop, you’re protected by metal’s fire resistance. 

3. Heat

Heat from the sun can damage other roofing materials, loosening connections and weakening surfaces with brittleness and curling. Most significantly, a traditional asphalt roof absorbs heat quickly and transfers that heat to the inside of your home. Rising attic temperatures make their way to your living areas and fight with your cooling systems to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

How does a Classic metal roof combat heat?

With a highly reflective finish, our quality metal roofing keeps your home cooler and can lower your summer energy bills. It will not become brittle or fade, maintaining its durability and beauty. The 4-way interlocking panels and concealed fasteners work to give your roof the ability to “breathe” as the temperatures change. 

A Quality Indoor Climate

Along with proper ventilation, your indoor climate is easier to control with a Classic Metal Roofing System…no matter our local weather system.

Want to learn more about ensuring your home’s comfort this season and in the challenging ones to come? We’re here to answer your questions and provide a pressure-free roofing consultation

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns about your current roof. We’re in the business of making homes more resilient…and your indoor climate comfortable.