June 30, 2022 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Research

Here are 3 stories from Homeowners about metal roofing. One of them may inspire you to come up with a new roofing story for your Kentucky home.

Our first story features Robert, a ranch owner in rural Texas. After buying and moving his dream 113-year-old Victorian house to his ranch, Robert wanted a roof worthy of his restoration work. Read more about Robert and his beautiful old home here.

texas metal roof

Our second roofing story comes from rainy Seattle with Matthew and Lenora. These homeowners had been working on restoration and remodeling for a while but had put off replacing the roof. Now leaking and covered in a patchwork of mismatched shingles, they needed a roof built to last. For more on Matthew and Lenora’s project, click here.

seattle metal roof

Our third and final story comes from our local installation for Jason in southern Ohio. His home was already gorgeous, but beautiful roofing in a custom color elevated it even further. Jason’s was a very large project but resulted in a fine example of our expertise and ability to provide a complex home with a lifetime roof. Read more about Jason and his monster of a roof here.

seattle metal roof

We’d love to add your Kentucky roofing story to our collection.

Do you have a roofing story to tell? Or, perhaps it’s time to solve the mystery of the right roof for your home. Call us at 1-877-960-7663, and we’ll be happy to lend an ear.

We love hearing your stories and have played a part in creating many “happily ever afters” for folks. No matter the situation, we have probably seen it and will be glad to work through it with you. Send us an email here.