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February 23, 2018 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Research

Here comes the Home Improvement season. As the temperatures rise and the rains come, homeowners in Kentucky, southern Indiana, and Kentucky are looking to make good and efficient purchasing decisions, including what type of roof to put over their heads.

Make an Efficient Roofing Decision

The idea of once-and-done is usually an attractive one.  Making a decision on which roof is right for your home takes time and energy. Why go through that every ten years, or so?

The fact is asphalt roofs, the most common type of roofing, fail. Asphalt roofing is not intended to be permanent roofing solution. Alternatively, our quality metal roofing produces with our quality installation offers a lifetime warranty, a workmanship warranty, and years of maintenance-free protection for your home and all that it contains.

Of course, metal roofing isn’t right for every situation or structure. However, a Classic Metal Roofing System can be right for your home if:

  • you want to increase the curb appeal, value, and beauty of your home
  • you want protection from high (even hurricane strength) winds and strong storms
  • you want a maintenance free roofing solution
  • you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home with reduced air-conditioning bills, and the very best roof ventilation
  •  you want a lifetime, transferable warranty

We have several tools to help you with your research and invite you to explore them here.

Once and Done: The Most Efficient Roofing Decision

If you want a dependable product, from a licensed, local, reputable contractor, we’re here to help. Our exclusive access to Classic Metal Roofing Systems provides you with the finest metal roofing products and warranties in the industry.  We are committed to helping you find the right roof for your home. How can we help?