Cold Weather Roofing Classic Metal Roofing Systems of KY

December 21, 2017 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Research,Roofing Issues

Even in the mild climate of Kentucky, cold weather can stop a new roofing project in its proverbial tracks.

We get our share of cold weather in the winter months; ice and freezing can make roads and roofs slippery places.  One of the main challenges to roofing in cold weather is accessibility. Sometimes it just isn’t safe to be up there.

The next menacing challenge brought on by cold weather is the ice, snow, and energy issues of exposing your home to the elements. Tearing off one roof, and replacing it with another can be daunting when temperatures plummet. 

Roofing in Cold Weather

Asphalt shingles can only effectively be installed during warm months, whereas metal roofing can be installed any time of the year.  Why is that you ask?  Metal roofing, unlike standard shingles, does not need a “seal-down” period of warm temperatures for proper curing. Therefore, as long as the installers can safely access the roof, they can work with metal.

When installing a Classic Metal Roofing System, tear-off of your roof may not be necessary. That’s good for the landfills, good for your wallet, and good for a winter roofing project.

The minimal expansion and contraction that occurs with metal roofing has no affect on the material’s ability to be installed in cold weather. While some sealants are used with metal roofing, there are durable sealants available that can be used at low temperatures and even in moist conditions.

After Installation: Cold Weather Roofing

Metal roofing, as it ages, is also quite unaffected by cold weather. Unlike porous roofing materials, it does not absorb moisture and then be affected by freeze-thaw cycles. These freeze-thaw cycles are a major contributor to the degradation of tile, wood, and standard shingle roofs. Additionally, metal roofing is known for its ability to shed ice and snow and it is one of the most resistant materials when it comes to ice dams.

To learn more about the benefits of metal roofing in our climate, such as keeping your house cool in the summer, read on