January 2, 2008 | Filed under: Roofing Issues

One of the most eye-opening things I encountered in 2007 was early failure of asphalt / composition shingle roofs. The average age of comp. shingle roofs we replaced in 2007 was only about 12 years old. Two of the earliest failures, both at just SIX YEARS old, were the more expensive dimensional / architectural shingles. Both experienced catastrophic failure and needed replacement immediately to protect the home.

Asphalt Shingle Failure

Asphalt shingle manufacturers thrive because they offer a product that is very inexpensive. Yet their most important ingredient, petroleum, has seen dramatic price increases in recent years. In an effort to keep their materials cost-competitive, most shingle manufacturers have drastically cut their petroleum content and replaced it with inexpensive limestone filler. This keeps the weight of the shingles up, but as we have experienced life expectancies of shingles are very short indeed.

It seems that regardless of asphalt shingle price and stated life expectancy (20-year, 30-year, etc.) these roofs are being replaced in 12-17 years, maybe averaging around 15 years (yes, our two 6-year-old roofs in 2007 pulled our average even lower than that).

Most homeowners who look into metal roofing for their homes are doing so out of frustration with this short life and short replacement cycle–they are looking for something more permanent, and that is what Classic Metal Roofing offers: a permanent roof with enduring beauty.