December 14, 2007 | Filed under: Job Profile

We recently completed a roof for Mary Anne Tonini of New Albany, Indiana. Mary Anne is a home inspector by trade {I met her when she inspected our home!–Joe} and her Victorian home was in need of reroofing. It had a layer of wood shingles with TWO layers of asphalt shingles on top of that. Any other roof would require a messy, destructive tear-off, but because Rustic Shingle weighs less than 50 lbs. per square, we were able to install it right over the existing, multiple layers. Our installers used special fastening clips and were careful to position all the fasteners where they would strike the horizontal lathe boards, as measured in the attic. When we finished the job, we received the following letter from Mary Anne:

Mary Anne Tonini
844 Cedar Bough Place
New Albany, IN 47150

Classic Metal Roofing-Todd Miller:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a great job your “crew” in the Kentuckiana area is doing for Classic Metal Roofing.

It is not often these days that I get to brag on the job done by a company or crew. I am sorry to report that most of my experiences with home repair companies have been that they need to be watched; they have no integrity; and they don’t care about the job they are doing. So when I scheduled a new metal roof with Joe Knife, I was clear that I would be there everyday. His response was great.

I found Joe Knife to be clear in his communications, consistent with his feedback, accurate in his predictions, and involved and open. I think you are very lucky to have a person like Joe Knife representing your company in this area and know that you can count on him giving his best effort. Not because you pay him to do so but because he is a person who cares about the job, reputation, and the client.

That brings me to the two men that worked on my roof through some really nasty weather. Just like Joe, I found them to be consistent, courteous, and respectful. Ron and Steve worked well together and represented your company with pride. I know you probably already know what kind of work they do but what you also need to know is that no matter what you pay someone for the job they do…you can’t pay someone to care about it. These two guys really cared about the work, the final product, my home and my experience.

As a home inspector, I will be happy to discuss this option with home buyers in the future and direct them to Joe for more information. I also look forward to involving Joe when my home participates in the Historic Homes Tour here in New Albany, IN in the future. I wanted you to know how happy I am with the job they have done. It is so nice to have nothing but good things to say at the end of making such a big investment.

Thank you,

Mary Anne Tonini
Home Inspection of Kentuckiana