December 4, 2007 | Filed under: Company Info

Classic Metal Roofing Systems (aka Classic Products, Inc.) is a Piqua, Ohio-based manufacturer of residential metal roofing systems. Since 1980, Classic has been manufacturing systems of interlocking metal shakes and shingles for residential and light commercial use. Some of our products date back to 1959, even! Throughout the U.S. (and to some extent, the world) Classic’s materials are available through a network of independent dealers (contractors) and distributors (wholesalers). For several years, Classic had been considering launching a company-owned dealership, to serve as a proven model for new dealers to emulate. In early 2006 the decision was made to launch that model in Louisville, Kentucky.

Joe Knife I have been with Classic since 1993, right after graduating from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. I started out in marketing and graphic design, but over the years moved more and more into sales. Eventually I was vice president of sales. I always enjoyed working closely with our dealers on product training and marketing, and sharing with them the tremendous amount of technical information, performance data, features and benefits of our metal roofing products. When I knew that Classic was going to open this retail office in Louisville, I jumped at the chance to change roles and take on this new endeavor first-hand. We opened this office in September of 2006, and that first autumn I commuted down and got thing set up. My family and I relocated to Crestwood, KY in February of 2007 and we love it here. My technical knowledge of our products serves me well, balanced by the joy I take in seeing my customers’ homes transformed by beautiful, lifetime roofing and knowing they will never have to worry about roofing again.

Joe Knife, Manager